There are times when you would love to adorn yourself with heavy & ornate sarees for the functions. And then there will be time when you will be looking for something lightweight, comfortable & yet elegant to the core!

And that’s where Organza Saree can come to your rescue. Crafted from breathable & lightweight fabric, you can look show-stoppers with these Organza sarees, but only if you style them right! Organza has recently become very popular, especially due to top celebrities & fashion divas draping themselves in these beautiful sarees.

So if you are wondering how to style Organza Saree to turn some heads, here is a little guide for you.

How to Style Organza Saree & turn it into a show-stopper?

Well, Organza Sarees are a perfect choice for ladies who want to virtually enhance their curves. As Organza Sarees are crisp, stiff & a bit voluminous, you would look awe-strikingly gorgeous. Said that, with the perfect drape & right fall, they can compliment any body type.

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Let’s see how to style Organza Saree in the best possible way.

  1. Monochorme Organza Saree

Monochrome is a go-to choice who don’t want to tumble into the confusion of color matching & mismatching.

You can Pair your Organza Saree of light Zari weaving with modern Spaghetti strapped blouse. This awesome combination of classic & contemporary will make the on-lookers gasp. But please avoid pleating the pallu & leave it flowing on your shoulder. At Anuki we have always focused on creating modern sarees.

You can pair a bit of heavy jewelry like a choker or something minimal.


  1. Floral Organza Saree

Organza Sarees look good in deep & dark shades, but that doesn't mean a floral Organza Saree looks anything less! Instead, it can be a perfect choice for some colorful events like Mehndi or Haldi when you do not want to burden yourself with a heavy outfit. It's an ideal choice, especially in summer.

Pair it with a deep-cut V-neck blouse or stick to the traditional ones. You will look gorgeous anyway! Don't forget to wear lightweight jewelry like a pair of earrings or an accent ring.


  1. Organza Saree with puffed sleeves

Tired of modern & aesthetic looks & want to go vintage? Well, Organza Saree can help you do that too! Pair any light coloured or floral printed Organza Saree with a puffed & full-sleeve blouse to look different.

We agree that puffed sleeves are not comfortable for some. But then, they are not too inconvenient &  you can enjoy special attention, wherever you go. And you can customize the blouse design as per your liking, even some experimental ones.

 how to style Organza Saree

  1. Go Classic with White Organza Saree

If you love white, it opens the door to infinite possibilities! You can pair your classic white Organza Saree with any coloured blouse by either mixing or matching. Or you can just go minimal by keeping it all Monochrome!

Get ready with some minimal jewelry that suits you & you are prepared to roll for any event or party.


  1. Go Strapless with Organza Saree

Accept it; strapless blouses have something special in them! And that's why they are rapidly becoming popular with all types of Sarees. And if you go with  Organza Saree, the Strapless blouse will make you look more attractive!

Pick any coloured strapless blouse that complements your feather-light Organza Saree & you are all set. Pair it with a choker & some big statement earrings and add more elegance to your look. It's a perfect setting, especially for events with tropical themes or beachside weddings.

 Closing Remarks

Organza Saree is a statement piece that can be clubbed with multiple accessories. It can be styled in as many ways as you can imagine! It will look drop-dead gorgeous on women of any size in all settings.

We hope this guide on How to style Organza Saree will help you kill it at the next function or party! Keep tuned in for more informative pieces.


  1. Can Organza Saree be a good choice for plus-sized women?

Of course, if draped correctly, anyone with any body size can rock the Organza Saree.

  1. What colours do Organza Sarees look more elegant?

Organza Sarees look stunning in deep colours. But for spring & summer, light-coloured floral print Organza Sarees look pretty too.

  1. Can I wear Organza Saree at Partys & Weddings?

If you want something lightweight, elegant & stunning, Organza Sarees are a perfect choice for weddings & parties.

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