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At Anuki, we have a wide collection of leheriya saree, Designer Leheriya, Leheriya with blouse, and much more. Our collections go along perfectly with any occasion or event. Get your favourite leheriya saree from Anuki today.

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What is a Leheriya Saree

The "Leheriya" saree has been sweeping the fashion world since 19th century. There is a slim chance you have not heard of it!

These bright and colourful sarees come from the artistic state of Rajasthan. For hundreds of years, these traditional outfits have been in style.

Rajasthani tradition is evident in its wonderful & unique striped pattern. The stripes form wave-like patterns when they move in the wind, hence the name Lehers. Especially for festivals, leheriyas are a great choice due to their striking colors. In general, they are made of Georgette or Chiffon fabrics.

It is interesting to note that Leheriyas are more versatile than just sarees in terms of style.

Leheriya Styling Guide

  • Salwar Kameez in Leheriya

In case you think Salwar Kameez are too mainstream, you haven't tried Leheriya Salwar Kameez! The plush look and comfortable fit make them popular. There are a variety of patterns and colors available in Leheriya Salwar Kameez.

  • Lehriya Anarkali Dress in Majestic Style

Jhanvi Kapoor gave us a new trend to follow when she wore the Leheriya Anarkali dress in lemon! Regardless of what colour you choose, it looks gorgeous & graceful.

  • Leheriya with Dupatta

You will fall in love with the simplicity and elegance of Leheriya Dupatta! Leheriya Dupattas are so common, especially among young people, that you will occasionally see someone wearing one.

Pair your cotton Bandhani Kurta with the Leheriya Dupatta and let it flow in the  Summer breeze! It gives a beautiful & ethnic look that makes you stand out.

  • Leheriaya with Straight Kurti

In recent years, designer Leheriya Kurtis have become a trending fashion statement. There are many different colors and patterns to choose from. With Gota work and seamless color combinations, such Kurtis are sure to win some hearts!

Whether you're getting ready for work or an event, these Kurtis look great on you.

  • Orignal Leheriya Style

A sight to behold are the Leheriya Saree collection collections crafted by Rajasthani designers. So when you wear one, you are definitely going to make some heads turn! Teh vivid patterns of “Leher" on these Sarees look elegant.

Leheriya Sarees are popular with celebrities as well as commoners because of their simple yet elegant designs. Suitable for casual occasions, they are very comfortable to wear. Make sure you have a few of them in your wardrobe.

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