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Organza Sarees are so versatile & so classy that you can wear them at any function. Whether it's a party, wedding or formal event, you can be ahead-turner with them. No matter what your body type is, with proper care & following certain tips, you can easily drape Organza Saree elegantly. At Anuki we have variety of organza sarees.

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Organza Saree Types

  • Saree in monochorme organza
  • When it comes to color matching & mismatching, monochrome is the go-to choice.

    Pair your Organza Saree of light Zari weaving with a spaghetti strap blouse. A combination of classic & contemporary that will make onlookers gasp. Keep the pallu flowing on your shoulders and avoid pleating it.

    Wear a choker or something minimal with heavy jewelry.


    • Saree with floral organza
  • Dark shades of Organza Sarees look great, but that doesn't mean a floral Organza Saree looks any less stunning! You can wear it to colorful events like Mehndi or Haldi if you don't want to burden yourself with a heavy outfit. Especially in summer, it's a great choice.

    Choose a deep-cut V-neck blouse or a traditional one. No matter what, you'll look gorgeous! Make sure you wear lightweight jewelry, such as earrings or accent rings.


    • Saree with puffed sleeves made of organza
  • Are you tired of modern and aesthetic looks and want to go vintage? Organza Saree can help you with that as well! For a different look, pair any light-coloured or floral-printed Organza Saree with a puffed and full-sleeve blouse.

    Some people find puffed sleeves uncomfortable. You can enjoy special attention wherever you go, and they aren't too inconvenient. Even some experimental blouse designs can be customized to your liking.

    • Organza by a designer:
  • Due to the fabric's beauty and versatility, organza sarees can be experimented with to create new designs and styles. Depending on the designer, organza can have a traditional or contemporary look. The printed organza sarees come in a wide range of designs that are suitable for any occasion

    • Organza in plain form:
  • Women prefer this variety of organza saree for its lightweight fabric and beautiful light colors. There is an effortless elegance to these beautiful sarees, and they are extremely comfortable. With these organza sarees, you can create different looks by pairing them with or without jewellery.

    • Organza Saree made of cotton:
  • As a result of the love for organza and cotton sarees, Organza Sarees with a Cotton Blend offer the ideal combination of comfort and beauty since the sarees are soft as well as beautiful. Stylish and comfortable, these beautiful sarees are made from organza fabric and cotton.

    • Decorative Organza:
  • Wearing the fancy organza sarees is comfortable and elegant. For parties, the comfortable fabric and beautiful designs are the perfect combination. In addition to printed sarees with embellishments, fancy organza sarees can be plain or embellished.

  • What is the best way to drape an Organza Saree?

    Are you looking to turn some heads at the event with an Organza Saree? This saree is a bit challenging to tame. However, with proper care & attention, they can easily be draped in a way that complements any body type.

    The following tips will help you drape an organza saree properly:

    • If you are wearing an organza saree, you should avoid wearing a pleated pallu. Organza fabric tends to be stiff, so pleated pallu might not look good. It's better to keep the Pallu open.
    • With every pleat, the Organza Saree will expand.
    • Sarees made from organza tend to be voluminous and buff in the sun. Avoid pressing them as they won't work! Let them be.
    • While making waist pleats, do not forget to use pins. Organza sarees are stiff, so holding their pleats together is difficult. Pins will be very useful in this situation.
    • Choose Organza Sarees that have softer colours instead of brighter ones. A more elegant touch is provided by the Organza fabric. You should choose dark colors such as rust, grey, black, or navy blue.
    • Avoid glitter on your blouse and keep it simple.

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