If you are a fashion buff, there are slim chances you have not heard of the "Leheriya” saree! These colourful sarees have taken the fashion industry by storm since the 19th century.

Hailing from the artistic state of Rajasthan, Leheriyas (or Leheria) are bright & colourful sarees. These traditional outfits have been around for hundreds of years now & still in style.

Its wonderful &unique striped pattern is a mark of ages-old Rajasthani tradition. These stripes pattern when they move in the wind; they form wave-like patterns or "Lehers", & hence the name. Leheriyas are a great pick, especially for festivals, due to their striking colours. They are generally available in fabrics like Georgette or chiffon.

Interestingly, there are many more ways to style Leheriyas instead of just sarees. Let’s take a look.

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How to style Leheriya Saree?

There are various ways you can style Leheriya apart from standard Sarees. Let’s take a look.

 How to style Leheriya Saree

Laheriya Sarees

This one is obviously the first choice. The Leheriya Saree collections are crafted by the skilled designers of Rajasthan are a sight to behold! So when you wear one, you are definitely going to make some heads turn! Teh vivid patterns of “Leher" on these Sarees look elegant.

Such simple yet graceful designs make Leheriya Sarees popular among celebrities & commoners alike. They are best suited for casual occasions & are very comfortable to wear. So make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe. Leheriya sarees are created under the concept of modern designer sarees.

 How to style Leheriya Saree

Leheriya Dupatta

The simplicity & elegance of Leheriya Dupatta can be something that will steal your heart away! These Leheriya Dupattas have become so common, especially among youngsters, that every now & then, you will find someone adorned with it.

You can pair your cotton Bandhani Kurta with the Leheriya Dupatta & let it flow in the  Summer breeze! It gives a beautiful & ethnic look that makes you stand out.

 Leheriya Saree

Majestic Lehriya Anarkali Dress

When Jhanvi Kapoor wore the Leheriya Anarkali dress in lemon, she gave us a new trend to follow! Whether you go with her iconic yellow one or any other colour, it looks really gorgeous & graceful.

How to style Leheriya Saree

Leheriaya Straight Kurti

Designer Leheriya Kurtis is a new trending fashion statement in recent times. They come in a variety of colours & patterns. Adorned with Gota work & seamless combination of wonderful hues, such Kurtis are all set to win some hearts!

Whether you want to wear them at work or are getting ready for some occasion, these Kurtis look perfect on you.

How to style Leheriya Saree

Leheriya Salwar Kameez

Now, if you think Salwar Kameez are too mainstream, you have never tried Leheriya Salwar Kameez! Although common, they are comfortable to wear & offer a plush look. Leheriya Salwar Kameez come in a variety of patterns & colours.

Choose the one you like & you are ready for any occasion, party or good old shopping!


Some additional Leheriya styling tips

Leheriya Sarees, Salwar Kameez & Kurtis look appealing in any colour & pattern. But to make them even more attractive, you can pair those outfits with some really elegant jewellery.

E.g. if you are wearing Leheriya Saree, adding a silver bracelet or beaded necklace will look marvellous. You can also replace solver jewellery with golden.

If you are wearing Leheriya Salwar Kameez, pairing it with Kolhapuri Sandals adds to your gorgeous look. You can also pair modern footwear with some classic & contemporary blends.

And last but not least, Oxidized jewellery is a perfect match for all Leheriya styles. So make sure you have some for quick styling!


Final thoughts

Although centuries old, Leheriya Sarees will always be in fashion, no matter what. We hope this guide on how to style Leheriya Saree will help you in your fashion quest. You can also explore our other guides for more fashion insight.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Is Leheriya suitable for large occasions?

Leheriya Sarees boast simplicity & elegance. So they are best suited for normal occasions & festivals.


  1. What colour does Leheriya Sarees look best?

Leheriya Sarees generally look better in bright colours.


  1. Where did the Leheriya Sarees originate from?

Leheriya sarees trace their origin to the ancient & artistic state of Rajasthan.

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