Organza Sarees are back in town with elegance. Very popular in the 90s, these Sarees are again becoming a hit in the last couple of years. Whether it's a party, wedding, or any other occasion, Organza can be your perfect pick for the day.

These sarees are feather-light & hence very popular among celebs too. So if you, too, are thinking of how to carry an organza saree, here is a quick guide for you.

How to carry Organza Saree for a bold look?

  • Go Monochrome

Want to look picture-perfect with minimal effort? Try monochrome organza Saree with some minimal designs. If you love to keep it simple & kill it, this is a perfect choice. And if you want to add some flare, go with a bead or plain choker.

  • If white is your colour

If someone says white is boring, they haven’t seen some pristine white Organza Sarees! A bit of floral embroidery here & there, and you'll look perfect! Such an intricate & minimal Saree with light make-up is enough to make people skip their heartbeat.

How to Carry Organza Saree

  • Handpainted Organza

Some good-old handpainted organza sarees with beautiful hues can easily set you apart in the crowd. No embroidery, no prints, just some floral designs are enough. Pair it with bold earrings, use a choker or just go without it. Adding Strapless Blouse can make you look even better.

  • Royal & Elegant

how to carry an organza saree

Getting ready for the party & want to look more graceful? How about skipping patterns, designs & embroidery and going minimal? A plane Organza Saree with shiny silvery or golden hue will give you a bold look, perfect for parties. And if you always prefer some patterns, you can choose one with minimal floral embroidery Organza Saree. Pair it with equally elegant earrings & you are all set!

  • Get Spring-ready

how to carry an organza saree

Being lightweight & easy to carry, Organza Sarees are a great choice for summer. Whether it's a beach-side party or some wonderful event, the Organza saree with floral patterns looks fabulous. Keep your make-up minimal & go bold with some small earrings.

Closing Punctuation

Celebs swear by the phenomenal look offered by Organza Sarees. These Sarees are versatile and comfortable & offer an amazing look, no matter the occasion. So if you are unsure whether Organza Sarees are perfect for all events, don't be! They obviously are.

We hope you find this guide on How to Carry Organza Saree for a bold look useful. For more such fashion trends, stay tuned with Anuki.


  1. Are Organza Sarees OK for parties?

Well, they are more than OK! Try minimal Organza Saree with the hues of golden to kill it at such parties.

  1. Will Organza Saree suit my plus-sized body?

If you drape it correctly, you will look more beautiful than ever in Organza Sarees.

  1. Is Handpainted Organza Sarees a good choice?

Yes, they are. Even celebs like Kareena Kapoor were seen flaunting their wonderful Handpainted Organza Sarees every now & again.

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