Sarees crafted from Organza look stunning & elegant. Organza sarees offer a wonderful touch to your elegance. Initially, Organza sarees were designed from natural silk. But nowadays, Organza sarees are made using synthetic silk, but its charm is intact!

Organza Sarees are so versatile & so classy that you can wear them at any function. Whether it's a party, wedding or formal event, you can be ahead-turner with them. No matter what your body type is, with proper care & following certain tips, you can easily drape Organza Saree elegantly.

Sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture. Organza sarees carry forward this legacy with a charm. Intrigued readers often ask us How to drape an Organza Saree to look drop-dead gorgeous! So we decided to share some tips on the topic.

Why are Organza Saree's hot picks?

Sarees are a hot topic in the Indian fashion industry right now. And out of all, Organza Saree is quickly becoming a hot pick. The reason is simple; women are going crazy over the perfect blend of old charm & modern elegance. With detailed Pallu design, deep dark colours & neutral shades, Organza sarees truly look beautiful.

But a lot of women find Organza Saree difficult to wear. As they are a bit stiff & more fluffy, it can be hard for first-timers to drape them. And that’s why we are here with a quick tip on how to drape an Organza Saree.

Let’s checkout.

How to drape an Organza Saree

How to Drape an Organza Saree?

Want to turn some heads at the event with Organza Saree? Well, it’s a bit challenging to tame this Saree. But with proper care & attention, you can easily drape them in a way that can compliment any body type.

Here are some much-needed tips for you on How to drape an Organza Saree:

  • Avoid pleated Pallu while wearing Organza Saree. The Organza fabric tends to be stiff, so pleated Pallu might not look good. So it’s better to keep the Pallu open.
  • Keep in mind the number of pleats as Organza Saree will expand with every pleat.
  • Organza Sarees are voluminous & tend to buff up. So avoid pressing them as they won’t! Just leave them be.
  • Do not try to forget to use pins while making Waist pleats. As Organza Sarees are stiff, it's difficult to hold their pleats together. So pins will be very helpful.
  • Skip brighter colours while choosing an Organza Saree. The Organza fabric is designed to offer more of an elegant touch. So choose dark colours like Rust, Grey, Black, & Navy Blue.
  • Keep your blouse simple & avoid any glitters.


Parting Remarks

Organza Sarees can be a perfect choice for women who want to make their figure look more expansive. The stiff & voluminous fabric ensures Organza Saree enhances their natural curves and adds a lot more elegance to their natural look.

We hope this guide to How to drape Organza Saree will aid your fashion quest. Stay tuned for more such content.



  1. What coloured blouse suits better with Organza Sarees?

Organza sarees are a statement piece themselves. So it’s better to keep your blouse simple.

  1. What Pallu looks better on Organza Saree, pleated or open?

Organza Sarees are stiff & difficult to compress. Too many pleats might make it look fluffy & dull, especially on the shoulders. So it’s better to leave it open.

  1. I am a bit plus-sized; will Organza Saree suit me?

Why not? Organza Sarees look equally stunning on all-sized women if styled correctly.

4. Does organza saree need fall

Yes It does.


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